a lightweight, competitive racing and resource pick-up game

3-4 Players | 20 mins | Ages 10+

Summer's almost gone! Race through the suburb to earn some cash before the summer ends.

SUMMER HUSTLE includes 9 unique characters and 4 different summer jobs. It's your job to find the winning combination! Will you specialize in a certain job and earn more than your friends, or try to pick up a bit of everything?

This game is quick to play, and easy to teach and learn. Just follow these 3 steps:

1. Choose characters.

Each teen has their own special abilities, and will get paid more for specializing in certain jobs. For example:

  • SID is in a band. He'll detail cars to save up for a new bass.

  • ALEX will babysit, walk dogs, and clean pools to save up for new art supplies.

  • NINA is saving for vet school, and won't just walk the neighbor's dogs, she'll groom them, too.

  • LANI thinks, "I can get paid to clean pools AND work on my tan? I'm totally in!" But she definitely won't babysit.

Each character's abilities are outlined in their character description. To choose a character, place 1 of your meeples on their description. (Watch who the other players pick, or you might be competing for the same jobs!)

2. Race for jobs.

Move your second meeple around the neighborhood by knocking on random doors (rolling dice), walking to a neighbor's house, or crossing the street. Or, just hang out where you are to find a job that matches your skills:

When you find a job you like, grab it before your friends do! Place it in front of you for scoring at the end of the game.

3. Count your cash.

After 7 rounds, all players count their cash. (Multiply each job you collected × the wage listed in your character description). If you earned the most, you win!

What will you do with your heap of money?

Wanna play again?

  • Start a multi-week summer campaign!

  • Mix and match the characters for 210 different combinations!


  • Neighborhood map & character descriptions

  • 2 dice

  • 8 character meeples (2 for each player)

  • 6 blue "pool-cleaning" discs

  • 8 yellow "dog-walking" cubes

  • 8 white "car-washing" cubes

  • 8 red "babysitting" cubes

  • 1 yellow "sun" for the time track

Summer Hustle character art by Magusz. Follow @magusz_art on Instagram here.

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