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May 1 2021

New Contest: Design a Small-Box Game!
Sponsored by Small Furry Games & Friends

Use your creativity to think INSIDE the box—the game box, that is. We've teamed up with The Game Crafter to announce the #SmallBoxChallenge - a game design contest all about creating big fun in a small box. READ MORE...

March 1, 2021

Getting Started in Board Game Design
Check out these books, podcasts, and online communities

It's tempting to jump right into designing your first board game, but you'll be more successful if you invest some time in learning the fundamentals of game design and connecting with others in the community. Here's a breakdown of some of our favorite books, articles, videos, and other game design resources. READ MORE...

February 20, 2021

Graphic Design and Rulebooks (Case Study: Micro Dojo)

We recently worked with Ben of Prometheus Game Labs to edit and upgrade the rulebook for his flat-packed game, Micro Dojo. Here's a look at the process, and the before-and-after. READ MORE...

January 21, 2021

📄 FREE DOWNLOAD! Designer Cheat Sheet for Mix-n-Match Chipboard Pieces at The Game Crafter

This week, we're getting ready to order custom chits, rings, punch-outs, tiles, and standees for our game prototypes. We chose to use the Game Crafter and we created a handy 1-page cheat sheet for ourselves, and other designers. Wow, does it make things easier! READ MORE...