We love helping little games grow!

At Small Furry Games, we focus on projects that are simple, social, and that come in small packages, with an eye on sustainability and great storytelling. We have many game projects of our own, but we love helping other game designers, too!

Partner with us for editing or playtesting and help boost your game to the next level. (Our services are available for a reasonable fee, and sometimes in trade for other services.)

📝 Rulebook Editing

Having a clear, concise rulebook is extremely important if you want your game to engage variety of players. Choose this service to edit a rulebook in any stage of development, provided it includes the minimum information: game title, brief description, specifications (such as duration, player count, and recommended age range), object of the game, list of components, explanation of gameplay, winning conditions, and scoring instructions.

Rulebook Editing from Small Furry Games includes:

  • 1 technical read-through of your rules, to check for spelling, grammar, formatting, writing style, comprehension, and accessibility.

  • 1 editorial read-through of your rules, to make suggestions about flavor text, rulebook length, graphic layout, and other thematic/creative elements

  • A marked-up Google Doc that includes all of our suggestions and comments

  • Email communication before, during, and after of the editing process

Rulebooks must be provided in an editable format (a Google Doc is preferred, but a .doc or .docx is also acceptable. PDF rules will not be accepted).

Fee for Rulebook Editing: Fees vary depending on your rulebook's complexity and word count. As a rough estimate, we usually start at $10 per page, or 5¢ per word. We are also happy to help with rulebook WRITING (if your rules are not complete or need significant reworking) for an additional fee. We will screen your rules after you submit them to give you an estimate for your project.

Testimonials from Clients

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❝ Emily did a fantastic job in proof-reading the rulebook to my game, Void Zone. Emily was extremely thorough and spent 4 hours looking through the rules and provided feedback in a very professional and courteous manner. Not only did Emily find all of the inconsistencies and grammatical errors that I had made, but also had great suggestions for condensing the rules and laying them out so that they were more readable. Emily also had some excellent ideas for making diagrams more readable. The difference these small changes made were phenomenal! ❞ — Robert Elliot

❝ Emily has a strong grasp of technical language, and is able to to take rulesets from any genre, type, or theme of game and present them clearly and concisely. She has a high standard of both professionalism and quality, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking aid with game design.❞ — Luke T. Kyle

"It's gone from being just a rulebook to a really impressive and professional-looking piece. People have literally "wow"ed as they unfold the rulebook. Emily not only made it look great, but went through everything in detail multiple times to help get all the language and formatting consistent." — Ben, Designer of Micro Dojo


The world is full of games. Here are the ones that interest us.

We have a strong preference for games that:

  • Tell stories or immerse players in new worlds.

  • Promote social interaction between players (rather than "group solitaire").

  • Can be taught and learned quickly, in under 20 minutes.

  • Come in small packages (including cardboard boxes, mint tins, tuck boxes, drawstrings bags, etc. Please no boxes larger than 10"x10"). Travel size or compact versions of larger games are acceptable.

  • Utilize natural and/or sustainable components such as cardboard, wood, or metal. Plastic pieces are not forbidden, but we give extra preference to game without plastic

  • Are not already well-known or high-selling games

We do NOT consider:

  • Games that contain adult themes, illegal drug use, gore, excessive violence, sex, or nudity

  • Religious games

  • Purely abstract games, or those with "pasted-on" themes

  • Games in boxes larger than 10" x 10" (after assembly)

  • Games with play times longer than 90 mins

  • Solo games

  • Legacy games

  • RPGs

  • Video games

  • Expansions to games we haven't already reviewed or played


(Just ask, and the rest is easy!)

❶ Push the button below to submit a request.

❷ Wait for a reply. Generally, we will respond within 1 week, with a price quote and written agreement to sign.

❸ Send us your game materials and appropriate fees/deposits. If we choose your game, we will contact you by email to request a copy of your materials, and provide a PayPal link for a deposit. Rulebooks may be emailed or shared via a Google Drive link. Games and prototypes must be sent in one of the following ways:

  • Mail a physical copy. Send a completed copy of your game or prototype to our U.S. address. Note: A $5 charge applies to mailed submissions, and physical copies will NOT be returned. Please note that SFG is not responsible for submissions lost or damaged in the mail.

  • Provide print-and-play files. Provide a PDF file that is printable in grayscale on 8.5x11 paper, and no more than 20 pages in length, including instructions and components. You may also provide a full-color PDF to showcase the game art, but the printable files must be low-ink, grayscale versions. A $15 printing charge applies to print-and play submissions.

  • Host a 90-minute playthrough on Tabletop Simulator. (No additional charges, but time restrictions will apply. You should also provide PDF materials for us to view outside of TTS.)

Ready to work together?

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