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May 1, 2021

New Contest: Design a Small-Box Game!
Sponsored by Small Furry Games & Friends

Use your creativity to think INSIDE the box—the game box, that is. We've teamed up with The Game Crafter to announce the #SmallBoxChallenge - a game design contest all about creating big fun in a small box.

Learn about the contest

You can read all about the rules, judging, and required components on The Game Crafter's contest announcement page.

RSVP on facebook

We've created a facebook event for the contest. RSVP here.

Join the discussion

Ask questions, connect with other designers, and share your progress in the facebook group.

Start brainstorming!

We've set up a "Brainstorming Box" of components compatible with this contest. Check out the Brainstorming Box here.