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January 21, 2021

📄 FREE DOWNLOAD! Designer Cheat Sheet for Mix-n-Match Chipboard Pieces at The Game Crafter

UPDATE MARCH 2021: The form at the bottom of this blog post now unlocks 4 different cheat sheets: small punchouts, medium punchouts, mini cardstock, and playing cards. Request access to all of our cheat sheets here.

This week, we're getting ready to order custom chits, rings, punch-outs, tiles, and standees for our game prototypes. We chose to use the Game Crafter because they offer a HUGE selection of stock and custom game components with no minimum requirement. But finding just the right mix of pieces can be time-consuming and overwhelming—not only because there are so many sizes, shapes, and combinations to choose from, but because at Small Furry Games, we take great care to keep our games as small, affordable, and sustainable as possible.

After spending hours poring over all the different components, downloading templates, printing samples, and comparing prices (what rings fit on these circles again? How many hexes we can get out of one sheet?), we created a handy 1-page cheat sheet for ourselves. Wow, does it make things easier!

Today we want to share this cheat sheet with our eco-conscious and budget-conscious game designer friends who want a quick and easy reference for prototyping.

The letter-size PDF is specific to Small Chipboard components offered through The Game Crafter (they also offer other sizes and materials). Our cheat sheet includes the price of the base material, plus the sizes, per-slug laser cut prices, and quantity per slug for all these items: CIRCLES (small, medium, large) • RINGS (small, medium, large) • SQUARES (small, medium, large) • MINI TILES (circle, hex, and square) • STANDEES (small, medium, large) • RECTANGLES (dominos, strips) • OTHER SHAPES (arrow, bullseye, triangle) • ...and the custom Small Punchout, which you can use to make any shape you can imagine.

It's so nice having all this important information available on one sheet, right above our Small Furry design desk. We hope it helps you too!

Use the buttons below to purchase the cheat sheet for $1 on The Game Crafter, OR get your copy for free, by email.