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October 28, 2021

#SmallBoxChallenge Finalists Announced!

Judges have selected 7 finalists for The Game Crafter's Small Box Challenge contest, hosted by Small Furry Games & Friends

Small Furry Games and a team of judges have chosen the following finalists for The Game Crafter's Small Box Challenge contest (finalists are listed alphabetically):

While the majority of the finalists had already placed as semi-finalists via The Game Crafter's community voting process earlier this month, Glitched and Kingdom of Tales were selected as finalists based on the judges' interest alone.

Emily at Small Furry Games says she anticipates the panel of judges will playtest each game virtually and conduct physical playtests of each game before selecting the winner(s) by the end of 2021.

At least 1 winner will be selected, and prizes may be awarded in various categories, including best overall design, best value, and most creative use of the game box. The winner(s) will receive a possible publishing opportunity, consulting services, and other prizes.

The following entries—though not semi-finalists nor finalists—also piqued the interest of multiple judges. Small Furry Games wishes to give honorable mention to these designers for their strong entries (listed alphabetically):

Judges for the Small Box Challenge include: Eric Alvarado (Talon Strikes Games), Jasper Burch (Pine Island Games), Ben Downton (Prometheus Game Labs), Chad Elkins (25th Century Games), Carla Kopp (Weird Giraffe Games & Galactic Raptor Games), Luke T. Kyle (Cattledog Operations), Alexei Menardo (Digital Board Game Labs), Joe Slack (The Board Game Design Course), Cody Thompson (Jellyfish Game Studios), and Emily Willix (Small Furry Games).

The Small Box Challenge was announced in May, and received 168 entries overall. All qualifying entries to the contest were reviewed by at least 1 of the judges and sent constructive feedback via email. Each judge then chose up to 10 favorites. Small Furry Games used those results to determine the 7 finalists. Feedback and judge choices are summarized in this spreadsheet.

If you are a designer with questions about your game entry, or did not receive a copy of your feedback, you may contact

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