At Small Furry Games, these 5 core values guide our work and play.

Social Interaction.

Games should bring people together for more than group solitaire. We design games that get people moving and talking, and offer asymmetrical games that are great for mixing experience levels.

Simple to Learn.

Games should be easy to learn, but difficult to master. Our games are quick to set up, teach, and start playing, but offer enough strategy and variation to be different each time you play them. Where possible, we include variations for various ages and abilities.


We believe all great game experiences should immerse players and give them a new world to explore. The end of the game isn't about who won, it's about how the story ends. We pride ourselves on attention to detail, research, vocabulary, and art that helps tell a story.


  • Non-plastic pieces, please! We keep an eye out for our small planet, and strive to use wood, paper, and other renewable materials and methods whenever possible.

  • Some of our games have multiple uses, such as games within games. It's a great way to save space, and the environment.

  • We do most of our playtesting and development virtually, to save on the cost of production.

  • Our floating home office is run on 100% wind and solar power!

Small Packages.

The best part of a game isn't what's in the box—it's the experience of sharing it with friends and family! We believe you don't need a large, expensive game, a big table, or hundreds of components in order to have a great time. We make our games easy to set up, and travel-friendly.

What makes you different?

We love to hear about other gamers and game designers, and are always up for a good collaboration.
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