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πŸ“ Rulebook Writing & Proofreading.

We love editing game rulebooks! Send us a message with your rulebook title, number of pages, the type of feedback requested, and a link to a Google Doc version of your rulebook. We're happy to provide a read-through and mark suggestions for grammar, spelling, layout, graphic design, and other recommendations. (We offer this service for a fee of $10 per page, OR in exchange for other services, OR sometimes just to add positive karma into the game design community.)

❝I had an incredible experience with Emily editing my rulebook for CastleScape.

I highly recommend that if you are looking for a quality edit/reformat/proofread that you reach out to Emily! ❞ β€” Josh Horsley

❝ Emily did a fantastic job in proof-reading the rulebook to my game, Void Zone. Emily was extremely thorough and spent 4 hours looking through the rules and provided feedback in a very professional and courteous manner. Not only did Emily find all of the inconsistencies and grammatical errors that I had made, but also had great suggestions for condensing the rules and laying them out so that they were more readable. Emily also had some excellent ideas for making diagrams more readable. The difference these small changes made were phenomenal! ❞ β€” Robert Elliot

❝ Emily has a strong grasp of technical language, and is able to to take rulesets from any genre, type, or theme of game and present them clearly and concisely. She has a high standard of both professionalism and quality, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking aid with game design.❞ β€” Luke T. Kyle

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