A spiral-bound collection of quick-playing holiday games, created by designers from around the world.

2-6 Players  |  30 mins  |  Ages 8+

Small Furry Games is currently seeking games for inclusion in a spiral-bound “Big Holiday Game Book,” which we intend to illustrate, crowdfund, and publish in 2023 (date is tentative). All game designers are welcome to submit ideas for consideration. We will select up to 31 games for this collection.

Game Design Requirements

All games must relate thematically to a December holiday or tradition, or the season of winter, or the month of December in general. We are specifically interested in winter holidays and traditions from around the world that take place in December. Note: If you have a great game that fits the other project criteria, but don’t have a theme yet, submit anyway. We can help you retheme it!

Your game MUST:

Your game does NOT need:

Publishing Details

If your game is chosen for the collection, Small Furry Games will ask for a non-exclusive agreement to develop and publish your game as part of this collection. (This means you can still publish or pitch a standalone version of your game elsewhere). We will also credit you as the game designer for each of your games, and include a short bio and photo/logo in the book. While this is mainly a not-for-profit endeavor, if the project profits more than $1000, a royalty of 10% will be split evenly among the games and their respective designers. We also plan to offer a free or at-cost copy of the collection to all of the designers whose games are selected. 


To submit a game idea, complete this form by October 31, 2022. If we are interested in your game concept, we will contact you to schedule a time to discuss and play through your game together.

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