A cooperative, chaotic, real-time spelling game

2-6 Players | 30 mins | Ages 10+

LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...this is NOT your average word game!

Pentacular Word Circus is a cooperative and chaotic real-time spelling game that rejects the competitive seriousness of games like *Scrabble*, and instead turns spelling into a silly yet strategic 20-minute party game where everyone wins (or loses) together.

Choose asymmetric roles like Acrobat, Magician, or Quick-Change Artist. Then work together with the rest of the company to wow the audience with your amazing *Feats* (5-letter word challenges)!

- Manage a hand of Letter cards.

- Play cards into any of 3 Rings.

- Earn Applause when you spell a word.

- Spend Applause to unlock unique circus performer abilities.

Score as many 5-letter words and Feats as you can before the musical timer ends. To win, score 55 points over three 5-minute rounds.

View or download musical timers here:

EASY (5 mins)

Download (coming soon)

MEDIUM (4.5 mins)

Download (coming soon)

HARD (4 mins)

Download (coming soon)


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